Preaching is a vital part of our worship.  Below you will find recent sermons that can be listened to now or downloaded for later.  We hope that you find the sermons uplifting and challenging.  


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08/28/2016Nathan Kiber Awe & Wonder
Sunday Morning Psalms 19
In this podcast, we begin our journey through Brian McLaren's book, We Make the Road by Walking, with the story of creation. * The story of the old man comes from Sean Gladding's book, The Story of God, the Story of Us.
Download Awe_and_Wonder.mp3
09/04/2016Will Jewsbury Being Human
Sunday Worship Genesis 2: 4-25
Download Being_Human.mp3
09/11/2016Will Jewsbury A World of Meaning
Sunday Worship John 1:1-14
Download A_World_of_Meaning.mp3
09/18/2016Will Jewsbury The Drama of Desire
Sunday Worship Philippians 2:3-11
Download The_Drama_of_Desire.mp3
10/02/2016Rev. David Livingston Plotting Goodness
Luke 17:5
Download Plotting_Goodness.mp3
10/09/2016Will Jewsbury It's Not Too Late
Sunday Worship
Download It_s_Not_Too_Late.mp3

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